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Emotional Intelligence: Learn why emotional intelligence (EI) is more important that IQ. EI will help you or your group/team develop EI to increase the likelihood of success in work & personal relationships. $250/person for the 2 hour training or $75/person for groups of 4+ for the 2 hour training
Delegation is the theme of many nightmares for leaders but it doesn't have to be!
"It's easier for me to complete the task." "I'll do it myself, so I know it's done right the first time." Sound familiar? If you had to take an unexpected week off work, would your initiatives & priorities advance in your absence? Delegating is not about leaders losing control & oversight of what their staff/teams are doing, but rather it is important for organizational efficiency & staff development.
During our 75-90 minute delegation leadership development training, leaders...
Employee engagement is deeper than asking about an employee's interestes, families, & weekend plans.
Visualize two employees: One comes into work 15 minutes early each day, is excited to be there, & shares ideas for improving operations. The other employee arrives to work just on time, does the bare minimum, & watches the clock until they leave. Which employee do you prefer? The answer is simple. Organizations want hard-working employees who are actively engaged with the work they do. Leaders can create a culture of organizational engagement.

During our 75-90 minute employee engagement leadership development training, leaders learn…
"I'm pretty sure I know how to communicate, so why do I have to sit through another communication training?" says every employee.
Say the words "communication training" around the office. You'' quickly watch eyes roll, hear sighs of contemp, & employees will mock the process.

During our 75-90 minute communication leadership development training, leaders learn...
Leadership is a full-contact sport; address conflict or ride the pine.
Effectively managing conflict is arguably the hardest thing a leader has to do. If a leader cannot or will not address conflict in a healthy, productive fashion, they shouldn’t be in a leadership role. Yet, many leaders would rather avoid conflict to create the appearance of harmony & cohesiveness. What they don’t realize is that by avoiding conflict, they are creating silos & internal disruption amongst employees.

During our 75-90 minute conflict management leadership development training, leaders learn…
How to create a motive-ational culture
Without the productivity of employees, an organization will never succeed. No matter what climate & work culture your organization provides to support motivation, you can extend your reach, & create an environment that continually fosters & calls forth motivation.

During our 75-90 minute motivational leadership development training, leaders learn…
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