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Leadership Development Seminar
Are you a phoenix or the flame? In 30 days, like a phoenix, you can rise from the ashes with newly developed skills to CRUSH the competition! https://empower-training-co.teachable.com/p/savage-leadership-coaching-for-those-who-want-to-crush-the-competition
Confident Public Speaking: The Art of Conquering Glossophobia
For $109.99 & 2 hours of your time, you will be liberated to never picture people naked again & shatter your glossophobia. https://empower-training-co.teachable.com/p/confident-public-speaking-the-art-of-conquering-glossophobia
Empowering Women Leaders
ETAC offers specialized key note energizers, empowering & inspirational message for professional women, women's, civic, & church groups of all ages; call for a flat fee specialized pricing. We offer pricing for every budget! Some fan favorites are...
Fun, Funky & Fierce are the New Black!

Laughing Your Way to a Great Day!

Your Voice is Your Power!

We Facilitate Professional Growth!
You can create your own resume in about 60 minutes! Don't be scared, take this quick course on creating a resume that you'll proud to share with any potential employer! https://empower-training co.teachable.com/p/create-your-own-resume
Turn your blank slate "resume" into a High-Quality Product that you'll be proud to send to potential employers! https://empower-training-co.teachable.com/p/resume-writing-services
Resume Writing Services from a Basic Resume https://empower-training-co.teachable.com/p/resume-writing-services-from-a-basic-resume
Raise your hand if you like writing cover letters? We do!!! We'll move mountains to create a professional cover letter for you! https://empower-training-co.teachable.com/p/cover-letter-writing-services
Bundle Rejuvenation of Your Basic Resume & a Fresh, New Cover Letter https://empower-training-co.teachable.com/p/bundle-rejuvenation-of-your-basic-resume-a-fresh-new-cover-letter